StarFighter Lily

  • Due to a recent introduction to Botanical Illustration, I decided to complete a quick study of a StarFighter Lily. The illustrations were primarily drawn and painted from life with a little help from additional reference photographs. All of the illustrations were completed with watercolors and a hint of gouache on an illustration board. The labels and grid were added afterwards using Photoshop. In addition to creating a wonderful illustration, I've learned quite a bit about botanical illustration and look forward to more projects in the future. My personal favorite for this piece is the full StarFighter Lily in the bottom right corner. 
  • My senior thesis was a botanical illustration collection: A Cleopatra Tulip, Garden Hyacinth, Moth Orchid, Crucifix Orchid, and Scarlet Milkweed. The Starfighter Lily was considered one of the more attractive spreads and given a clean white background. It remains one of the most popular paintings!