Skyfall Self Composite - VFX Breakdown

  • This project was an exercise in visual effects and color correction. Using my own footage shot with the RED Scarlet, I composited myself into the film Skyfall with The Foundry Nuke. This breakdown shows my process of shooting, keying, camera tracking, integrating, and color correcting a visual effects composite of my own footage and that of Skyfall. Completed during my Animation III course at Ringling College of Art + Design.
    Footage shown is for promotional purposes only. All images and clips copyrighted. All Rights Reserved.
  • Green Screen Footage / Keyed Alpha Matte / Final Composite
  • Process:
    • Select shot from film to integrate
    • Shoot footage on RED Scarlet
    • Process and export EXR sequence from footage
    • Key and generate alpha from green screen plate
    • Color correct and defocus keyed plate
    • Track camera from film and generate 3D camera and card data
    • Create cast and contact shadows for keyed plate
    • Place keyed plate into scene and integrate with final color pass and light wraps
    • Replace screens in film plate with face from keyed plate using camera data
    • Color correct and defocus screen replacements
    • Add film grain to integrated keyed plate and screen replacements
    • Render
  • Nuke Script