Camping trip, July 2013

  • Myself and seven friends took a three day camping trip in 2013. We drove high up into the mountains, and then hiked for another 20 minutes up a steep trail. At the top, the Appalachian Mountains¬†opened up around us, and we set up camp just off the Appalachian trail. This series of images was taken on 120mm black and white film (scanned), on my Mamiya C3. All exposures were taken with an educated guess as a result of a broken light meter.
  • My brother Sean (left) and our friend Ian (right)
  • Walking along the greenbelt which paralleled a piece of the Appalachian Trail
  • Sean (left) and Anthony (right)
  • Scott
  • From left to right: Anthony, Sean, Scott, and Ian
  • Anthony
  • Gracie¬†
  • Scott