"Attitude" Save the Arts Campaign

  • ATTITUDE is an ad campaign meant to inspire discussion of the arts and art education. Recently the arts have become the victim of budget cuts, allowing a variety of areas to waste away in terms of funding and appreciation. ATTITUDE touches on all forms of art in the hopes of creating a lasting impact on its audience with its strong calls to action and edgy,¬†yet current terminology. "Get some Attitude and support the arts..."
  • "Attitude" Save the Arts is an advertisement campaign meant to start conversations and open eyes to the fact that the artistic community is (in¬†recent times) under funded and under appreciated. Through extensive research of current events the campaign has complied a collection of images that tie into the current trends and language surrounding this issue. Many of the advertisements are web based or motion based signage, although print is also included to branch this idea out into multiple layers of reinforcement. Images and textures were developed with photoshop to allow for an edgy feeling that ties them together under the "Attitude" brand. "Get some Attitude and support the arts..."