• This assignment was to create labels for a fictional
    brewery (or winery, etc.) and create an original line of beverages.
    We were allowed to use other mediums other than the traditional glass
    bottle, so I decided to use extended aluminum cans. I wanted to experiment
    with handlettering and the texture it can create through my designs.
    I wanted each of the lettering of the beer names to take on the
    tone or feeling of the stories they were based on.
  • I originally planned to use a handlettered version of my brewery name, but after a few tests,
    my instructor and I felt text on a path would be best for the hierarchy of each label's logo.
  • Thank you!
    Marissa Ebanks, Art Director
    Objective: Create labels for a fictional brewery (or winery, etc.) and create an original line of beverages.

    Target: 21-30 year olds

    Strategy: To create a beer that has it all: personality, looks, and great taste.

    Insight: While the quality/taste of the beer matters, it's always more fun to have a little personality/conversation piece when drinking.

    Solution: A beer fit for the connoisseur with the sass of Shakespeare. 

    Skills Demonstrated: Concept, Strategy, Typography, Use of colour, Aesthetics, Imagery, Simplicity 
    Marissa Ebanks - Art Direction, Design, Copy
    Results: 2015 ADDY Student Gold, Sales Promotion - Packaging