A compilation of my most recent work since being at Ringling College of Art and Design, this demo reel contains an assortment personal, freelance, and school work. 
  • Credits:
    Fund The Arts PSA2013) with Audrey Aquino
    Orioles Jumbotron Graphics (2013)
    1920's: Animated Movie Timeline (2014) 
    (HCI) (2013)
    Intimacy: CSULB 24 Hour Challenge (2013) with Jason Beale, Audrey Aquino, Dakota Hopkins, and Andrew Selvaraj
    RCAD Opening (2014) with Viraj Ajmeri, Jason Beale, Audrey Aquino, and Dakota Hopkins
    Hot Diggity Dog (2013)
    Flux (2014)
    Y2K (2013)
    Dysmorphophobia (2012) with Alex Pope
    Sarasota Film Festival (2012) with Sarah Johnson
  • Thank you to family, friends, instructors, and clients that have helped and supported me throughout my career.