FITC Title Sequence Amsterdam 2014

  • FITC Amsterdam
    2014 Opening Title Sequence
    I was tasked with creating the type design and animation for this unique title sequence. 
    When I created these title designs I wanted it to be very technical and complex but at the same time simple, not distracting and clean. I was looking to capture what you find in modern architecture and design where it is complex but so technically correct that visually it is really easy to view and look at. In order to have the control I wanted over each individual character I layed out and animated every title in Cinema 4d. 
    This title sequence moves from macro to micro, showing the fantastic world that exists within a drop of paint or the bristles within a brush; all made possible with custom-built microscopic motion control camera, and a love for the art of title sequences.

  • Title Design & Animation
  • 3d Wireframe