• Emma Lee, Art Director
    Tebello Mosenene, Strategy
    Marissa Ebanks, Art Director
    Objective: Create a travel mobile app that eases all worries/stresses.

    Target: 24-34 year olds, working professionals who are scrambling for time to relax.

    Strategy: Breathe takes on every aspect of planning relaxation time and reduces the stress and disorganization that can happen to the user.

    Insight: If there's anything worse than figuring out when to take a break, it's how to take a break.

    Solution: An app that does every part of the planning process for you.

    Skills Demonstrated: 
    Concept, Strategy, Typography, Use of colour, Aesthetics, Imagery, Simplicity, Creativity/Originality
    Emma Lee - UI/UX, Strategy, Art Direction, Copy
    Tebello Mosenene - UI/UX, Strategy, Design, Copy
    Marissa Ebanks - UI/UX, Strategy, Art Direction, Design, Copy