WWF: Keep It Diverse

  • D&AD 2015 Submission
    Keep It Diverse is a campaign that will partner the World Wildlife Fund and Coca-Cola in an effort to bring the issue of diversity loss closer to home. The campaign exists through three main components: user experience, social media, and call to action. The goal of the campaign would be to create a viral awareness about the state of the environment and provide millennials a way to support and initiate change in a way that doesn’t inconvenience them.
  • Kaylynn Olmstead, Art Direction, Strategy.
    Natalie Monte: Strategy, Copywriting
    Objective: The primary objective for Keep It Diverse was to increase environmental awareness and involvement among the target audience. The secondary objective was to raise donations for the World Wildlife Fund specifically. 
    Target: 14-24 year olds with the means necessary to make a difference, whether financially or through educating others.
    Strategy: Keep it Diverse brings the issue of diversity loss close to home and gives consumers a way to easily share information and passively donate.
    Insight: Many young people are uneducated about environmental issues and/or unsure about how exactly they can help. According to a primary research survey, 61% of the target market purchase from brands that support a cause.
    Solution: Keep it Diverse will partner WWF with Coca-Cola, taking advantage of Coke's already existing fan base. They will launch an experiential vending machine campaign that will bring the issue of diversity loss to the forefront of social media. From there, the partnership will develop a digital platform from which consumers can take action without it being an inconvenience. 
    Skills Demonstrated: Concept, Strategy, Aesthetics, Imagery, Simplicity, Research, Consumer Insights, Craftsmanship
    Kaylynn Olmstead - Research, Concept development, Art direction (app), Copywriting (script), Animation
    Natalie Monte - Research, Concept development, Art direction (vending machine interface and Video Storyboarding), Copywriting (Tagline and executions), Video editing