Converse: All-Star Synthetics

  • Future Lions 2015 Submission
    The challenge was to promote a global brand in a way that wouldn't have been possible 3 years ago. Our solution? Converse's next generation of shoe, All-Star Synthetics. Inspired by e-paper technology, pannels imbedded into each shoe will give the wearer the power of ultimate customization. 
  • Kaylynn Olmstead, Art Direction, Strategy
    Objective: All-Star Synthetics will be Converse's next big step in footwear customization. The brand will continue its rich and long history by appealing to yet another generation of expressive individuals.
    Target: Expressive and creative young individuals, particularly millennials.
    Strategy: Converse understands the importance of self-expression, always putting the power of customization in the hands of the individual. 
    Insight: Electronic paper as a wearable element is being tested and implemented as an innovative step towards the future of fashion.
    Solution: All-Star Synthetics will be Converse's next generation of shoe. Embedding electronic paper into the canvas of the shoe will grant the wearer the power of complete and immediate customization through their electronic device.
    Skills Demonstrated: Concept, Strategy, Aesthetics, Design, Simplicity, Imagery, Originality, Range of Styles, Craftsmanship, Clarity
    Kaylynn Olmstead: Concept Development, Copywriting, Art Direction, Animation
    Anastasia Belomyltseva: Concept Development, Copywriting, Production, Video Editing