Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream

  • Kaylynn Olmstead, Art Direction, Strategy
    Objective: The purpose of this project was to gain awareness for the brand as well as establish a brand voice.
    Target: The target demographic was Gen X women, wealthy enough to spend extra for premium quality.
    Strategy: Jeni's is not your average ice cream. Every decision they make has the quality of their product in mind.
    Insight: Those unfamiliar with the brand might not understand what Jeni's stands for and what makes them so different from the rest.
    Solution: By highlighting the common complaints Jeni's receives from actual people, the company can respond in a way that playfully educates people about the brand as well as establish a brand voice.
    Skills Demonstrated: Concept, Strategy, Typography, Aesthetics, Simplicity, Imagery, Research, Consumer Insights
    Kaylynn Olmstead: Strategy, Copywriting, Art Direction