• MUSIC BRANDING, Student Project, Ringling College of Art + Design [Fall 2015]
    SORRY FOR THE PENTAGRAM ⎯ After nearly two decades of music creation, Sorry For The Pentagram has been a foreunner in dark-wave music since they began out of a Seattle garage in 1999. After meeting at a christian college in Texas, and after a weekend party inolving hallucinogens, ouija boards and rings of salt surrounding various biblical drawings, all five members of SFTP soon became very close friends. They all moved to Seattle after being subsequently expelled from school and, after expressing their mutual interest in music creation, decided to form a band. Thus, Sorry For The Pentagram was born. In 2018 they will release their final album, All These Little Chairs, and embark on their last tour of the same name.
    –We are sorry for the pentagram
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