What is Motion Design?

  • Brief

    "The Department of Motion Design at Ringling College of Art & Design seeks media to
    excite and explain what the major entails to be showcased to prospective students along
    with their families. Create an explainer video utilizing the opening and closing text lock-ups
    along with the provided answer for the opening question What is Motion Design" 

    Concept Breakdown

    Knowing the age group would be broad, encompassing at least two separate 
    generations, I selected a more playful style that would be visually digestible for any audience.
    With the appeal of the video needing to draw attention along with build curiosity with prospective students,
    I aimed to steer away from the stereotypical look of explainer videos to create a piece more
    visually interesting. To do so I wanted to integrate my text to play the role of subject, but
    seamlessly blend it with the environment. With the slightly more engaging text prompting the
    viewer to continuosly watch the video to retrieve the message, I aimed for a suprise plot twist
    corresponding to the provided text.

  • Behind the Scenes–Process Video

  • Thank you for viewing!