• I've been pondering on the main idea of this project for a long time. Some disassemble/dissected female cyborg suspended in its own macrocosm. Futuristic interfaces were added up instinctively. As my main  job is UI designer so it's already my "Alter Ego" to see interaction in every situation.
    But from the beginning this quite abstract concept served as a carrier to metaphor I tried to convey. All these mech and scifi stuff is only shell.

    This project is about disintegration of personality, insecurity and helplessness of artist. Who is being exploited, used, underpaid, underappreciated by those who pays money no matter how they call themselves, the only thing that matters is that they consider us (artists) - FLESH. 
    Meat that makes their fortune or at least pay their bills. Forced to work overtimes if needed or disposed...

    I was determined to make this little project happen when I was kicked out from my job at Christmas eve. For no particular reason. At that time I completely felt the whole insecurity of this industry
    and of artist who work in it.


    SO let consider FLESH as a metaphor of exploitation. Let us not be tempted by our egos to be used by "businessmen". Be yourself, be brave.