We Make It Through

  •             “We make it through” has been the motto of the Bukovsky family for as long as I can remember. Through countless injuries, illnesses, financial troubles, and a stressful relocation, the Bukovsky family trudges through, maintaining a close-knitted family bond that has been tested time and time again.
                Currently, the biggest challenge that the Bukovsky’s face is the illness of each family member. Nancy Bukovsky has fibromyalgia and numerous auto-immune disorders, Alex Bukovsky has Ankylosing Spondylitis, Sjogrens syndrome, and hip dysphasia, and Chris Bukovsky has chronic pain and nerve damage from a car accident which has caused many disruptions in his health.
                Through this series of photographs, I investigated the physical and mental impact of dealing with medical issues on a day-to-day basis. Photos included show the fatigue and stress, as well as the physical symptoms of these diseases. In an attempt to raise awareness to issues that most do not understand, I opened up my family in their most intimate, and vulnerable moments to allow a glimpse at what it really feels like to deal with the emotional and physical tolls of disease.