The Brain - The Clash of the Hemispheres

  • The Brain - The Clash of the Hemispheres

    A short science explainer video of the two worlds to our brain. We have a lot to store, so find out exactly what hemisphere you gravitate towards!

    For this little project, I wanted to make it look like 12 animators collaborated to make one single piece. The largest challenge was, I was missing 11. Uncomfortably, I tried to mix Stop Motion, 3D, 2D, hand drawn, and video all residing in one piece. I encourage you to try one yourself! You’ll find your mind in an animator’s dream.
  • Oh the process...
  • With render times, crashing software, and hot glue burns, it turned out to be the most fun project I've worked on.
  • Thank You for Viewing
    Design & Animation by Doug Alberts

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