4seven Network ID

  • Storyboard styleframe as part of my 4seven Network ID piece.
    Purpose:  The purpose of this piece was to create a short graphic ident for the U.K. Channel 4 sister network, 4seven. From all the content shown on Channel 4, social media, bloggers, and viewer statistics and ratings dictate what will be put on channel 4seven. Since 4seven is the destination for Channel 4’s most popular and talked about shows from the last seven days, this gives viewers a second-chance to see their favorite content.
    Credits:  Below is my 4seven Network ID pitch, consisting of six styleframes arranged into a narrative storyboard. This project was my creation for the Motion Design Conceptual Development II course taught by Jill Taffet at Ringling College of Art + Design, Spring 2013, and for submission to the D&AD Awards 2013 in collaboration with Channel 4 and MPC.
    Title:  The Decision Factory
    Concept Statement:  A behind-the-scenes look at what could be the very process of determining which Channel 4 shows to air on 4seven. The Decision Factory churns in all the information from the Internet, and creates something everyone will love, from 4 to 7. 
    Synopsis:  We start close-up to the side of an unknown structure. As it slowly turns, we see pipes pumping something out of this structure and under the floor. As it continues to turn around and the camera backs out, we realize that there are other sets of pipes routing into the front of this structure, subtly forming the 4 and the 7. Information and statistics are being pumped into the 4seven logo facade, and cause The Decision Factory to generate the next linup of television content on 4seven.
  • Full storyboard pitch presentation here (PDF).