TimeLife: Food & Nutrition

Created: 05/18/11
Last Edited: 11/20/12
This is a redesign of the infamous TimeLife series of miniature encyclopedias from the 1960s and 1970s. The book that I chose to redesign is Food & Nutrition from the TimeLife Science Library. The redesign is of four chapters total; two text chapters and two photo essay chapters. All of the text is the original from the book, but paired with modern, bold, and cultural imagery of food. I was truly inspired by the colorful cultures surrounding food from all across the globe. My goal was to elevate these cultures, colors, and techniques to be the center piece of the design. However, I chose to keep all the imagery black and white in the text chapters because of the idea that I wanted the information and typography to be the star, as well as the accent colors. The colored accents that I used were meant to lead your eye to back to the caption, where the explanation was given for what was highlighted. I wanted to create a sophisticated book while still being visually interesting and communicate a story and idea. Whether the idea was the implementation of spices around the world, the rise of vegan and vegetarianism, or the showcasing of foods from around the globe, I wanted the stories to read without necessarily having to read the body copy. Food, to me, is what bridges the gap between all humans. No matter where we grow up, what we eat, or who we are, we all need the same 14 essential vitamins and nutrients to survive, and thats what makes us human.
  • TimeLife: Food & Nutrition
    A Redesign

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